Thumbnail image for agy_t4onthebeach.jpgIt was only a matter of time I suppose until New York band, Five O'Clock Heroes, started to tire of Agyness Deyn, whom they collaborated with on the single Who. The group have vented their frustrations over the supermodel always being the focus of their music, and stealing the limelight.

"Whenever we have an interview now, all anyone ever asks us about is Agy. It can be really frustrating when the questions should be about music, not about who Agy's dating and stuff like that," frontman, Antony Ellis, told Contact Music.

But it isn't simply that which is ticking off the rockers, prompting them to distance themselves from their high-profile singer.

"Something I do find quite annoying is when there's a photo with Agy and the band, quite often they'll just focus on her and chop our heads off - even though she's only recorded one song with us," Ellis added.

Yes, I can kind of see what they mean. But I'm sure all the money, success and recognition that Deyn brought to the band, couldn't have hurt.

[Source / Image: Rex Features]