brandishwhite.jpgLots of fashion-related stuff has been going on at other Shiny sites today. Here's my pick of the best...

Leila runs down the top five worst fashion websites. The general consensus? Flash = crap. [Dollymix]

Fancy a fashiony excuse to swoon over David Beckham, Josh Duhamel and Daniel Craig? Look no further than this gallery of men who work the white shirt with serious style. [Brandish]

Roxy are showcasing their latest collection on Flickr. How very web 2.0 of them. We love a bit of that! [Nollie]

It's 'Mary Jane Monday'. You know what that means. Pretty shoes. Lots of 'em! [Shoewawa]

Marc Jacobs, with zis new bag, you are rilly spoiling usss.... [The Bag Lady]