dottypsdress.jpgI'm sure I'm not alone in thinking the sales are a bit rubbish this time around. Perhaps it's the fact we've all had too long staring at summer stock, and we're ready for something new? Or perhaps it's the fact every single thing left in the sales is either overly frilly or covered in 'ditsy' flowers, or both.

However, I did manage to buy something in the sales. Read on to find out what...

So far, I've bought absolutely nothing in the sales, but this Dorothy Perkins dress might change my mind. I saw it on a mannequin months ago and thought it was pretty, but I wasn't sold on the one-shoulder. Then I saw it in person and realised that it's mainly constructed from a jersey-like fabric, and not the sheer layers I was expecting. That sold me on it more, because it was unexpected and gave it a bit more of a casual feel in person.

Then I noticed the dress was only £15 in the sale. That much of a reduction implies it's not very flattering on, but I'm game to give it a go. Have the sales finally won me over?