From Shiny Style: Mario Testino's three-week diary for The Independent has revealed that yes, those photos of him and Keira Knightley taking happy snaps in Berlin, will form the September '08 cover of Vogue US.


Now that we know this, we can't help but wonder whether the pressure is now on Testino and co. to get this next cover right after it was reported that Vogue's April and May issues suffered poor sales. Just 350,000 copies were sold of that controversial April issue featuring Gisele Bundchen and NBA star LeBron James, a la King-Kong style, making it the worst selling April issue since 2001.

Vogue's April issue receiving a beating on the web, and in blog discussions, after its depiction of Le Bron holding Bundchen as one of King Kong's damsels in distress, erupted into a racial argument over whether it was demeaning to black men.

But the worst sales so far were left to the May issue, starring a somewhat heavily airbrushed Gwyneth Paltrow, promoting her new film Iron Man. It sold just 310,000 copies, leading some to ponder just what impact is the blogosphere having in an already unstable magazine environment.

So, perhaps Testino's diary is just a tactic to build some much-needed anticipation over the next issue? Either way it's worth a read, click here to check it out.

[Source / Source / Image: Sipa Press/Rex Features]