busts4justice.jpgit's not often I read something in The Daily Mail that I actually agree with, but today Erin Kelly has spoken out against Marks and Spencer, who add an extra £2 to the price of all their DD+ bras. She's urged everyone to join the Facebook group 'Busts 4 Justice', and join over 6,000 women who're up in arms about the unfair pricing scheme.

It seems ridiculous that women are forced to pay out more for a bra that fits them. After all, our breasts are the part of our body that we have the least control over the size of! A size 14 woman doesn't pay more than a size 8 woman for a dress, and I'm sure you can imagine the uproar if she did. Size 7 shoes cost the same as size 4s. So why do we pay more for a tiny scrap of lace and elastic that we really can't do without?

Marks and Spencer argue that extra 'research' and technology goes into creating these special bras for bigger cup sizes. But in the article, Kelly makes a very interesting point. It's a common misconception that the average bra size in the UK is around 36C. According to this article, the average woman should actually be wearing a 34E.

That might sound like a huge difference in size, but if you read my recent column, you'll know I recently walked into Bravissimo wearing a 36C and walked out feeling (and looking) much better in a 34E. We're being measured wrong, and who are the biggest culprits?

You guessed it. Step forward M&S. Well-known for measuring women too big in the back and too small in the cup, I suppose at least they're trying their best to flog those cheaper, smaller cup sizes.

instead, perhaps they should start listening to the consumer.

In the meantime, larger boobed girls should be boycotting M&S and heading to the places that don't treat them like freaks instead. Panache, Fantasie, Kalyani, Freya and other brands catering to big cup sizes are stocked at Bravissimo and Figleaves. La Senza are offering 10% off for all members of the Busts 4 Justice group until the end of the month. Asda stocks Katie Price's lingerie collection, which offers surprisingly pretty bras in larger cup sizes and - more importantly - smaller band sizes. Rigby and Peller are known for their perfect fit (and for making bras for the Queen), and finally (for now) Simply Yours have a nifty 'bra finder' and stock larger sizes from about £15.