Kimberley Foster writes...

My, my, my... Even after all the years that Barbie has been around (how old is she now, like 50?) she is still making headlines. Let's face it, she is like the Paris Hilton of toy land, minus the jail-time. Recently Barbie has undergone another transformation, not quite of Madonna-like proportions, but she has managed to get a few religious groups hot under the collar.

Want to know why? Then read on...

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, have launched Black Canary Barbie, a comic-based superhero version, dressed S&M attire, including fishnets, leather jacket, gloves, and boots. Subsequently the makeover hasn't gone down well with some church groups who have deemed it irresponsible, and branding it "filth". Hmm... I wonder what they would say about Catwoman Barbie, then?

"Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far," said a spokesperson for Christian Voice.

Tarty? I must have missed something growing up with my two Malibu Beach Barbies, Barbie Fold 'n Fun House, Barbie red convertible and Ken. In fact, if anyone was a tart it was Ken... shaking up with two women under the same roof(!) Perhaps I should have called him Polygamist Ken.

Is it really Barbie's fault that she wishes to roll with the fashion trends of today? I mean, if Kate Moss can strut about Glastonbury in a pair of fetish spray-on leggings, and Rihanna may shake her thang on stage in PVC chaps, then why can't she? Even good ole' Marks & Sparks are now stocking S&M-like garb on their shelves, zip-up leather dresses for £149, I kid you not.

As for her working the superhero look, well you just have to recall the theme for this year's Met Costume Institute Gala - Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. Heck, if Anna Wintour says it cool, then Barbie is doubly *BANG* on trend. I think even Karl Lagefeld himself would be pretty impressed by those leather gloves that she's rocking, 'a la Kylie Minogue style.

After all, what's a gal to do? Live out the next 50 years in tennis gear and swimsuits? Frankly, I think the fact that she has kept the same hairstyle, and has barely put on a pound in over a decade is more cause for concern.