vicbeckham_naomijeans.jpgTalk about burying the hatchet! It seems that Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell really have put their differences aside with the news that Posh has named her latest dVb design after the supermodel.

According to reports, Victoria has designed a pair of jeans, called the 'Naomi', which features a cut that makes your legs appear longer. Since the pair allegedly ended their feud at the recent CFDA Awards, Naomi hasn't stopped raving about her namesake dVb design.

"I love the fit, model and cut of the Naomi jeans Victoria Beckham has designed. I have already worn them many times and people always stop and ask me the make of my jeans," she said.

If supermodel-length jeans sound like your cup of tea, then you better get saving. At £250 a pop, they don't come cheap.

Meanwhile, Posh was spotted earlier this week wearing baggie jeans, from her forthcoming men's range, and flip-flops (above, right). Yes, FLIP-FLOPS! It was a surprising outfit choice for the perma-heeled star, but it definitely suited the occasion - a day out with hubby and the kids at Disneyland. I wish we could see more of the same.

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