That's right folks, a Michael Jackson fashion line is definitely in the pipeline. Ed Hardy's Christian Audigier confirmed the news yesterday, telling PEOPLE: "It's the merging of the King of Pop with the king of fashion. Something explosive is going to happen."

Erm... King of fashion? Got tickets, much?!

So with the sparkly gloves and gangsta hats officially on their way, where will such a collection be sold? Kitson... naturally. The boutique's loose-lipped owner, Fraser Ross, spoke of his decision to exclusively stock the forthcoming line.

"Michael Jackson is an international pop icon who has had a huge following throughout his career," he said. "I think people will think it's hip to wear his line. Through all his ups and downs people still love him. He still has a huge fan base."

Hip...? Do people still use that word?

>>> Anyhoo, you'll be glad to know that it isn't just Michael who is planning a fashion line, but his little sis Janet Jackson has also caught the celebrity-branded fashion bug. News is that the singing diva is set to launch a range of lingerie before the end of the year is out. Ms Jackson let word of her plans slip as she did the rounds at this week's menswear shows in Milan.

[Image: Most Wanted/Rex Features]