On the most recent episode of The Hills, (yes, we're behind here in the UK and yes, I'm addicted) Whitney had the opportunity to add her two cents whilst styling fashion label Sass & Bide at New York Fashion Week.

Designers Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke weren't sure their tight, wet-look Black Rats leggings would appeal to "real girls". But Whitney was adamant she would wear the racy, bum-clinging 'Rats' and that seemed to be good enough for Heidi and S-J. Off the leggings trotted, down the catwalk. And so an obsession begins (even for me, an avid anti-leggings campaigner)...

The leggings, dubbed 'Rats' by those in the know *wink wink*, have created a bit of a sensation... to put it mildly. Initially never intended to be released to the public, they caused such a stir after their shows in New York and Sydney, that Sass & Bide were prompted to go into production.

"For us it's the new jean. We've just done our first order of 3000. They're all pre-sold," Middelton told Patty Huntington at "Globally, that's the first order. It's a very big indication that it's going to be a hero product for us. Because normally we might do 1500 in our first order for a really strong product".

The stars are similarly spellbound - Juliette Lewis, Mischa Barton and Kate Bosworth all own a pair already. For the rest of us, we'll have to wait until sometime this month to get ours. They're on pre-order at and (£88).

Lindsay Lohan might not have been onto a bad thing after all...

Would you wear them?

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