Depending on which way you look at this tidbit from Hollywood today, the news that Michael Jackson is planning a clothing range with Christian Audigier is either super exciting or super scary.

The King of Pop, who celebrated his 50th birthday last month with the Ed Hardy designer (pictured above), is said to be in the early stages of planning a fashion line.

"Michael is taking this very seriously," an insider at Life & Style magazine reveals. "It's still in the developing stages, but it's going to be big...This will be a major comeback for Michael. He's dedicating a lot of his time and money to this venture."

While it might sound ludicrous, some of Jackson's most memorable fashion items are actually making a bit of comeback, e.g. leather gloves, gangsta hats. But with Audigier on board, I am envisaging a heck of a lot of razzle dazzle sequins... What are your thoughts?

[via Perez Hilton / Image: Most Wanted/Rex Features]