primark_axessuppliers.jpgAn investigation by the BBC has prompted Primark to ditch three of its suppliers in Southern India after it was discovered that they sub-contracted work to children.

According to Primark, unapproved sub-contractors had been used to provide embroidery and sequin work without their consent. This has also forced them to declare that the affected garments made up 0.04% of its worldwide sourcing.

"Primark is an ethical business that demands the highest standards from its suppliers. It has a strict Supplier Code of Conduct which expressly bans the use of child labour," a statement released by Primark.

Further to distancing itself from the parties involved, Primark has vowed to tighten control of its suppliers, as well as launching an initiative, Primark Better Lives Foundation, to provide financial assistance to organisations that help improve the lives of young people.