At 9pm tonight on BBC1, Panorama screens 'Primark: On The Rack'. If you watch it, you may see a few faces you recognise. Together with Hippyshopper editor Abi, Isabelle and I spent a few hours last week with a film crew from the show, talking about the fast fashion industry and why bargain retailers outsource to foreign factories (and the associated problems with that). We also discussed why Primark is so popular, showing some of their most famous items on camera. We spent a good few hours filming, but obviously only a tiny bit of what we had to say - if any of it at all - will make the final cut...

The thing is, what we have to say doesn't really matter that much. We weren't there to point the finger at anyone. Our little snippets of information and opinion, if they make it into the show, are a tiny drop in a very big ocean.

However, I know that thousands of people visit this site each day looking for information on Primark. We have talked about them and featured their products many times in the past. Over the last couple of years, Primark has come under fire because of it's questionable ethical practices. The BBC show explores that further, so I will be watching with an open mind, just as I hope you will.

I disagree with Primark being a constant scapegoat for what is actually a huge, industry-wide problem (not just in bargain retail, but in designer fashion as well). However, if the controversy brings issues like this to the surface it any form, it can only be a good thing. It gets people talking. I thought being part of the documentary was really important, because it gives you the chance to have your say as well.

If you watched the show - or just if you have something to say about ethical fashion - feel free to leave your comments here. As always, we would love to hear what you have to say. However, I will be watching this post closely and will not tolerate personal attacks (toward other commenters or our staff) or angry rants. This is a place for discussion, not fighting!