popebenedict_redshoes.jpgAfter years of being dubbed 'Prada Pope,' the Vatican has finally denied that Pope Benedict XVI wears designer loafers by the Milanese fashion house.

The Vatican's newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, labelled the claims as "frivolous," condemning the media reports which are said to have trivialised the church.

"Obviously the attribution was false," the newspaper said. "The pope, in summary, does not wear Prada, but Christ."

Last year, Esquire named the Pope "accessoriser of the year" for his striking red shoes, which were thought to have been designed by Prada. The 81-year-old pontiff has also, at times, donned a wide-brimmed hat, and a red cape and fur-trimmed stocking cap during Christmas, resembling Santa Claus.

This has lead L'Osservatore Romano to set the record straight, by saying that the Pope's interest in clothes has no relation to fashion, and everything to do with observing customary traditional garments.

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