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If you haven't kept abreast of which celebs have launched their own fashion lines lately, then fear not, there are simply way too many to remember. But one that might worth a moment or two of your time is a new collection of handbags by Mischa Barton. Overlook the fact that yes, it is another celebrity-branded fashion range, and you might be surprised by the real quality and design of what is on offer.

Mischa recently sat down with the Telegraph to discuss her new accessories venture.

"I get offered things all the time... You know, a fragrance, a clothing line," she said. "But that's a big commitment. I wanted to start out with something small, test out the waters a bit."

When she was approached by a handbag company to start a range of her own, and distribute them via department stores across the world, she decided to take a chance.

"I didn't have anybody designing with me. Though that doesn't mean I won't - and maybe it would be a good idea if I did," she added. "All they did was let me know what leather was out there and send me swatches. That kind of thing. There was a lot of sending things back and forth."

Her bags feature an array of clutches in earthy tones, some with vintage and bohemian detailing, to suit her carefree style. Each piece even has its own name, like 'Marisa', named after her character in The OC. And the prices seem fairly reasonable too, ranging from £25 to £170 each.

  • Mischa Barton's handbag collection will be available from July 2008. Tel. 020 7630 4020 for stockists.