Earlier this year we mentioned that Lindsay Lohan had signed on to become the face of Visa's Swap shop. Now the 5 images she shot in LA have been released on to the Visa Swap website. "I am so excited to be involved with this year's Visa Swap event," Lindsay said. "The concept of swapping clothes, getting something for nothing and refreshing your wardrobe appeals to everyone. I had such a great time at the Visa Swap campaign shoot, the clothes I wore were all vintage designer pieces which you just don't see every day!"

UK Visa is encouraging you to gather all your unwanted designer and high-street clothes and accessories and bring it to the Visa Swap Lost in Covent Garden over a three week period (check dates here) where you will then receive redeemable points . Any unwanted garments that weren't "swapped" with the points redeemed will be donated to clothing charity, Traid.

Lindsay takes over from Mischa Barton who launched the initiative in 2007.

Find out more about Visa Swap on their website.