Sex and the City film hysteria has barely settled down, and yet surely Kim Cattrall isn't hard up for work already? The actress has been invited to officially open the doors to this year's end-of-season spring/summer '09 sale at Harrods.

"The clothes, shoes, handbags, sparklies and smellies... I've been a faithful Harrods shopper since I got my first credit card," she gushed, at being given the honour.

Cattrall, an avid Vivienne Westwood fan, will be joined by Harrods chairman Mohamed Al Fayed next Monday morning to signal the beginning of the bi-annual sale. Last year Sarah Michelle Geller was there for the official countdown.

"As a Brit it's going to be a real thrill for me to open the sale at one of the UK's national institutions. I was so delighted that they asked me to participate," she said.

To catch a glimpse of Miss Samantha Jones, head on down to Harrods in Knightbridge at 9am on 30th June.

[Source / Image: Rex Features]