keycloset_diamondjeans.jpg If you believe the press release, then Key Closet about going to take the fashion world by storm with their $10,000 jeans.

Taking premium denim to a new level, these $10,000 jeans feature over 1,000 Swarovski crystals with a hand-drawn design and one-carat diamonds on each back pocket. But that is not all, their denim also features a variety of metal stud embellishments and graphics that are accented with foil and hand spray to 'enhance the look of pure glamour'.

"We are extremely proud of our $10,000 Jeans," says Key Closet founder Michael Hong. "Our design team has created a true work of art that will appeal to those who create trends rather than follow them."

And since Key Close is charging $10,000 per pair of jeans, they will donate 30% of the profits from each sale to help build a primary schools for children in Kampala, Uganda.

But the question is - all good things (and money) aside, would you wear these jeans which the release says is a 'wearable work of art'?