It's enough to make your skin boil, but nevertheless poor Karolina Kurkova has come under attack by the Brazillian press for being 'too fat' for the catwalk. The Victoria's Secret model was harshly criticised for showing "back fat, love handles and cellulite" after she appeared in a bikini at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

An article in a Brazilian newspaper described how "shocked" the audience was when she appeared on the catwalk at the Cia Maritima show, looking uncharacteristically chubby with "cellulite on her butt."

*Gasp* Not cellulite!

How dare anyone contemplate strutting about in a bikini if they posses even one crinkle of the stuff. I won't repeat my views on these moronic claims, as I'm sure I'd bore you to tears. Although I am less worried about Kurkova's so-called 'rolls' and more turned off by that horrible orangey fake tan that she is sporting.

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