northbrook08.jpgLaura Silver writes...

Sharing the Graduate Fashion Week bill for Sunday's second show (with Bournemouth) were The University of Brighton's Northbrook College.

Northbrook showed collections from ten students which featured an eclectic mix of styles including Rebecca Reeves' forties tea dresses and jackets - sexily accessorised with stockings and suspenders - Ruth Marshall's padded, bubble shaped menswear pieces, and Cassandra Heighton's cupcake shop candy pastel dresses (pictured) with cut out details.

[photo: Kirsten Borst / Fabsugar UK]

My favourite Northbrook collection came from Andrew McCormack. Inspired by the celtic influence on the Masai people of Kenya, the collection featured leather jackets embellished with tribal details, including wide, rounded collars, and colourful detailing. While the menswear collection, which featured a printed leather maxi skirt, was not necessarily the most accessible, it was one of the more striking and cohesive collections on offer from Northbrook. [Laura Silver]