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From TV Scoop:
I should preface this review, I guess, by saying that I am 100% a Gok Wan Fan. While I watched Trinny and Susannah's What Not To Wear, and thought they always dressed their victims clients well, it always struck me that telling a woman with low self-esteem that they the way they're dressing makes them look sh*t is not necessarily the best idea.

Plus, there's simply no room for individuality in the T&S style guide - if you're petite, wear empire lines, if you have big hips, wear flares to balance them out. Gok, on the other hand, says blow the rules - just wear whatever makes you feel good, girlfriend! I was glad to see, then, that Channel 4 have allowed Gok to break out of the How To Look Good Naked formula, and have a go at a new prime-time show.

Other than Gok championing the virtues of high street fashion, I didn't really know what I was meant to be getting from Gok's Fashion Fix. In fact, it's a bit of a mish-mash of reports, interviews and features - a real old-school magazine show. In other words, it's basically The Clothes Show, only much better because it's got Gok Wan at the helm. I'm not saying that this is amazing TV, but if you like your fashion, but would never dream of heading into Selfridges or Harrods for your undies, then this is actually a great little show.

The main item running throughout the programme was preparations for a catwalk showdown between designer gear chosen by high-fashion professionals, and the best the high street can offer - given the Gok touch, of course. The theme this week was "romance", and while the labels queens could spend whatever they liked, Gok had "just" £800 for four outfits. You have to say that there was some beautiful stuff on the designer side, but, really, £5000 for a bag? Gok managed to show off just what a brilliant stylist and general sprucer-upper he is by stitching, embellishing and at some points chopping the high street clothes until they looked a million dollars.

There were other little items, often fronted by co-presenter Alexa Chung, which were utterly inconsequential - such as a 100m race run in killer heels - but the best feature came when Gok set up a catwalk in Liverpool and picked people off the street who had great, or at least very interesting style. There were nu-ravers, indie kids, fashion students and "wagabes", all with their unique looks, all of which were celebrated by Gok for being creative and daring. Trinny and Susannah would *not* have been impressed, but that's the whole point. An 80s fanatic was chosen to go through to another round, when a "real" style icon will be chosen.

In the end, the catwalk face-off showed that Gok is rather more into colour than high-end designers are, and you know what, so were the audience. Gok's side won more votes but then of course it did - this is the first week after all. Trashy it may be, but this show will give those wanting to make their high street buys look a little different loads of ideas, and that's a great thing.