ebayfinds_kateshairangiejacket.jpgAs if the fact that Kate Moss's recent see-through dress making news headlines, wasn't strange enough, now her hair extension, which she lost on the red carpet in Germany is up for sale on eBay.

For all those true Moss fans, now you can own a piece of horse hair that once was stuck to the supermodel's scalp (blergh!). At least the seller, a German photographer, is doing right by the sale. All proceeds will go towards German anti-drug charity, Keine Macht den Drogen (No Power to Drugs).

Meanwhile, another celebrity item to recently go up for the bidding was the leather jacket worn by Angelina Jolie in her latest film, Wanted.

Currently at US$7,100, the leather jacket will benefit PLAN!T NOW, a non-for-profit advocate group.

Who said that you can't find interesting stuff on eBay these days?