For anyone that lives in London, you only have to wander the streets and you will soon spot a peroxide cropped girl (or boy) pounding the pavement, a.k.a. Agyness Deyn style. Call it Agy overdose, or simply summer lightening, whatever the cause it has everyone talking, and hairdressers spouting that 'the Agy' is quickly taking over the 'the Pob' (Posh Spice bob) and completely replacing 'the Rachel' in hairstyles.

As the Guardian's Hadley Freeman reminds us, 'the Agy' isn't new or original, cue Annie Lennox, Paula Yates and Roxette, for starters. But it does appear to be catching on of late with our local it-girls Pixie Geldof (a tribute to mum perhaps?), Sarah Harding, and Kimberly Stewart.

But while it all seems uber-cool and ultra practical now, what with our warm-ish weather, Freeman does make a valid point: "Although the style might look ever so "cutting edge" (generally a euphemism for "deliberately ugly"), it returns periodically, usually after a 10-year gap (the length of time it takes us to collectively forget why we ditched it last time round)".

So true, so true... Therefore perhaps a word of warning is needed - stop, think, and look at the bigger picture. Cropped hair might seem hassle-free and easy to manage at the time, but it's a right bugger to grow out once you get bored.