emmawatson_cocomademrumour2.jpgMore confusion over whether Emma Watson will soon be joining the ranks of Chanel has erupted, after a spokesperson for the label declined to release a statement to say that it is false.

According to the L.A. Times, when asked why this was the case, the New-York based Chanel rep claimed that they are "not allowed to make statements when the reports are not true."

Erm... okay then.

So... In other words, Emma Watson isn't the new face of Chanel's fragrance Coco Mademoiselle, as previously reported by the British press.

"The story did take on a life of its own," the rep added. "It was everywhere. And I can understand why everyone thought it was true because we do often work with Emma Watson, dressing her for events. And she's adorable."

Hmm... it still sounds all a bit fishy to us. While Keira may keep her Chanel crown for the time being, we're not ruling out Emma just yet. Maybe when she is a few years older... ?

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