rileykeough_elvisgranddaughter.jpgKimberley Foster writes...

When Elvis Presley first burst onto the scene in 1956, folks were truly in awe of him. He embodied newness, trying something that had never been done before, with just the right dash of naivety and raw talent that defined him as someone who definitely had 'it'. Of course, his good looks certainly helped, but it was a combination of all of these elements that provided him with a type of magnetism which attracted people to him like flies.

Pouring through celebrity images this week, as I usually do in this job, my eyes were immediately drawn to pictures of Riley Keough, granddaughter of Presley, at a Hollywood event (see right). For some reason I couldn't quite take my eyes off her, and I wasn't exactly sure why. Until it hit me - just like her grandfather before her, Keough possesses that extra something, a definite je nes sais quoi. For all the non-believers out there, Elvis does live on... in the spirit of this 19-year-old girl.


Images: A selection of pictures from Keough's modelling portfolio.

For those unfamiliar with Keough, she is the spawn of Lisa Marie Presley and actor/musician Danny Keough, and thus the grandspawn of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. With those looks I am sure it comes as little surprise that Keough landed a contract with IMG Models in Paris. At the very tender age of 12, she began work for Tommy Hilfiger, and has since bagged herself some pretty high-profile jobs, including being the face of Dior's perfume for the young-set, Miss Dior Cherie. In addition, she has appeared on several covers for Vogue and Elle and is even dating a muso, Ryan Cabrera, ex-boyfriend of Ashlee Simpson.

Despite her L.A. up-bringing, uber-celeb family, and her early acquaintance with the fashion industry, Keough seems to be remarkably switched on. She recently appeared on the Oprah show with mum Lisa (see above) where she revealed her desires to one day pursue a career in photography.

Soft-spoken, and unsure of all the attention she was creating, Riley eerily resembles Elvis in some of his earliest interviews. In particular, this one, filmed in the '60s, where a young uniform-clad Presley expresses his ambition to pursue a dramatic acting career. When asked whether he'd like to 'fashion himself after [Frank] Sinatra or [James] Dean', Presley replies: "I wouldn't want to fashion myself after any one particular individual, because I would like to develop my own technique."

Perhaps, the same could be said of Keough. Either way, she is definitely one to watch.

[Image: Gregory Pace/BEI/Rex Features]