laetitiacasta_newlouisvuitton.jpgAs we mentioned in April, Sophia Coppola and her father Francis Ford, have now been confirmed for Louis Vuitton. They will appear in Vuitton's latest 'core values' campaign, which has previously featured Mikhail Gorbachev and Keith Richards.

"I liked the ad Annie [Leibovitz] shot with Keith Richards," Sophia told Times 2. "It was flattering to be asked. Plus I've known Marc Jacobs since I was 18. We had mutual friends and started hanging out together."

Meanwhile, rumblings as to who could be starring in LV's next mainline campaign seem to be pointing towards Laetitia Casta. According to WWD, word on the street is that the French supermodel sat for a photo-shoot this week. Will this be yet another point for the supermodels?