Yesterday we brought you the goss from the launch party of Jean Paul Gaultier's newest fragrance, Ma Dame. Well today we bring you the official ad campaign, starring who else but Agyness Deyn. Described as the 'energetic, modern daughter' to Gaultier's growing family of scents, the designer reveals the reason behind choosing the Brit model for his campaign.

Click on to find out what he said, and to watch Agy's scissor-happy new commercial for Ma Dame...

Gaultier on choosing Deyn... "I met [Deyn] in 2006, the year I was celebrating the 30th anniversary of my company. I did a retrospective and she wore the first outfit at the show, which was also the first look I did that was really different from what everyone else was doing in 1976: It was a biker jacket like Marlon Brando but with a French flag on the back and studs; a long tutu but with pockets in the back, like a jeans tutu; and tennis shoes. She was ballerina and biker, so feminine and masculine. It was a mix of my sensibility, and I knew she was completely the one to represent it."

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