A little birdie told us that when Paris Hilton was in London recently, she asked for one of everything from Lipsy's concession in Topshop. The super-girlie brand definitely caters to Paris's passion for tiny little dresses that get attention. They also know how to spot a key catwalk piece, and can deliver a designer-inspired style before the real thing's gone further than a Harvey Nicks waiting list...

What's refreshing about this brand is the lack of pretentiousness. The folks at Lipsy know where their bread is buttered. They don't care that hardcore fashionistas are unlikely to be seduced by their dip-dyed babydolls and lacy halter tops. For their target market, endorsement from a WAG, popstar or Hollyoaks starlet is far more useful, so they court their devotees wisely. Matching outfits for Girls Aloud, freebies for Paris and co, a big involvement in the WAG-fest that was Liverpool Fashion Week, and a collection with gossip mag Now. It's almost enough to make you forget that some of the dresses are quite beautiful. Some.

Dresses (above) from £50 at