All eyes were on Victoria Beckham last Thursday at the official launch of her dVb denim range at Harrods. The Spice Girl made sure she put in an appearance at the launch, following rumours that her line would soon be dropped by stores in the US. After she was recently criticised by Kitson owner Fraser Ross, Beckham went on Radio 1 to defend her so-called lack of promotional work.

"With that particular store there probably was some truth in it. I'd been on tour with the Spice Girls and at the end of the day you can't do everything. I work bloody hard is what I do, you know I really do. And I'm bringing up three children," she said.

Despite later retracting his comments, Ross told US news network Fox News last week that her Harrods appearance was a "slap in the face."

"Victoria asked me to issue a statement saying that they were best-sellers and flying off the shelves, but I said I would not lie like that, but it looks like they've done it anyway," he added. "Right now I have no choice but to pull her line off the floor - I'm lucky to sell 18 pairs of dVb jeans a month, whereas other brands at her price point I sell at least 200."

Victoria fronted up to the launch in a corset top and a pair of crisp dVb flared jeans which made her feet disappear completely. Nevertheless, she declared that the '70s skinny flare jeans are the must-have style for this season.

"Right now, my dVb signature style is definitely the '70s skinny flare. People with real style are wearing dVb because they truly like the style, fit and quality and that is a great compliment."

Yes, but is anyone actually is buying her jeans?

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