Celeb stylist (and personal CQ fave) Philip Bloch found himself on the wrong side of the gates at Kayne West's concert on Tuesday evening, after security threw him out of the Madison Square Garden venue.

Bloch, who insists it was a case of mistaken identity, was spotted by the Page Six-ers (seriously, those guys are everywhere) being "manhandled" and pinned against a wall, before being jabbed in the ribs and then kicked out of the venue. And all of this ahead of Kanye even setting foot onstage.

Bloch explained what happened to Page Six: "The whole stadium smelled like pot, and the kids behind us were smoking. I'm sitting there having fun, laughing. Then I get an order to go with this man.

"They say, 'You're leaving, give us your ticket.' I held it up, they took it. At that point they grabbed me by my arms to take me out, so I threw my hands up and said, 'You've got to keep off me. I'm no threat.' "

He continued: "I had nothing in my pockets, not even a match. They never asked for ID, never asked for my name. It was complete brutality. One pushed me out with his knee in my back. I still can't wrap my head around this."

When asked for comment, security spokesman Barry Watkins told Page Six: "MSG policy is if you are caught smoking an illegal substance it's cause for immediate ejection."

(I know what you're all wondering and yes, Bloch still made it to the after-party, you'll be happy to know!)

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