hideandsleek.jpgI've raved constantly in the past about the wonders of Spanx Higher Power for smoothing out bumps and giving you a bit of a non-surgical tummy tuck. But there are two problems with the biggest pants in the world. Firstly, they're about as sexy as...well, a pair of boob-to-thigh granny knickers! Secondly, they're a bit hot and sticky in the Summer months.

But there is an alternative. It's also a Spanx creation, and while it costs a bit more, the results are worth it. The Hide & Sleek Full Slip (£57 at Simply Yours) has a similar smoothing and slimming effect, but without the constricting feeling of the power panties. It looks so much like a bodycon dress that some people (Mariah, is that you?) might be tempted to wear it as a dress. I prefer using to to smooth lines under something a little less revealing. It's perfect under jersey wrap dresses and silk or satin.