I guess it makes sense that when you go swimming, you should be wearing swimwear made of water-compatible fabric. And what could be more compatible with water than fish skin?

Yes, I kid you not. The bikini pictured is made from the skin of Scottish salmon, a material which designer Claudia Escobar says is "durable" and "elastic".

Escobar, a native Chilean, moved to Scotland four years ago and soon found she could make use of the masses of salmon skin discarded every year by turning this cheap, raw material into a luxury item. The bikini is trimmed with stretch Lycra and goes on to sell for £250, with half of the sale price going to local workers.

"Many people who lived near rivers and oceans have used fish throughout history. It's not my original idea," she told Reuters. "It's amazing, it's a used product and you transform it into a product with added value."

Ah, yeah that's all good and well... but would you wear it?