preenaccessoriesannouncement.jpgSuper news for all those Preen fans out there (myself included), the designer duo are launching an accessories line for spring/summer 2009.

The couple told the Guardian that if it's a success then we are unlikely to hear them bragging about it: "We've never been the next big thing or had much attention - which is just so brilliant."

Justin Thornton, one half of Preen, also revealed the pressures of working in such a tough industry.

"I think the reason we've survived is because we knew we had nothing to fall back on. We never had loans. All we ever got was a £2,000 grant from the Prince's Trust when we started out - the first thing we bought was a sewing machine. We've always supported ourselves and that meant we learnt quickly what people liked and what clothes sold."

Hear, hear!

[Image: Getty]