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Apparently M.I.A is considering giving up music to create a clothing line, the singer has been dressed by Cassette Playa and recently featured in some Marc Jacobs ads so I've got high expectations. [Painfully Hip]
Get ready to drift into an old-time film reverie, Jeune Demoiselle has sifted through some stills from classic films which are bound to give you some style inspiration. [Jeune Demoiselle]
Eli has been trendspotting at Coachella, and it's a smorgasbord of AA tri-blend, seriously get another fashion ditty ladies! [Thrift Eye]
Susie Bubble has put up some pictures of Scherer Gonzalez which has totally set off another fashion reverie [Style Bubble]
Stephanie Sandstrom has designed a dress which wrinkles its metaphorical nose at pollution. Basically the skirt shrinks a little ooh saucy and environmental! [Gizmodo]