In anticipation of Sex and the City: the movie world première in London next Monday, I have thrown together the perfect SATC outfit, for that special night out with the girls. A fashionable tribute to Carrie Bradshaw, this ensemble is an ideal way to spend an evening watching the flick, drinking Cosmopolitans and discussing plot lines with your besties.

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This outfit comprises of elements from Carrie's character and will be familiar to most fans. Try all pieces or simply add just one to make that trip to the cinemas a real treat.

First up, pay homage to the stunning vintage corsage dress that Miss Bradshaw wears in the opening scenes, in this dress from Topshop. At a bargain price of just £38, it's a great girlie frock for any night on the town.

Next, add a pair of gladiator style heels - a favourite of Sarah Jessica Parker's both off and on screen. Try this Carvela knotted pair from, they're £85 and worth every penny.

If you really want to go all out, then you can't look past the now iconic Eiffel Tower tote bag, featured in the film and designed by Timmy Woods. It's available now from Pat Field's website for US$375.

For old time's sake why not dig out that old name necklace you bought during the days of the television series? Carrie adored hers, especially when she thought she had lost it. If you have also misplaced yours, then fear not... Tatty Devine has come to the rescue. They have an updated version of the name necklace for £25.

Finally, make sure to grab a packet of tissues for your bag. This is SATC after all, expect to have mascara running down your cheeks from tears of laughter or sadness, or both!