Fresh from the Tyra Banks Factory of Reality Shows, comes Stylista, a show which pits budding fashion mag lackeys against each other to win the coveted(?) prize(?) of being assistant to Anne Slowey, Elle's Fashion News Director and all-round scary lady.

Clips have become available for us to have our first sneaky peek and it looks so ridic it might actually be good...

To view more clips (and find out our thoughts on them), see below the jump...

Some of our highlights (or lowlights - whichever way you want to look at it):

- Those assistants have got some great trucking-on spirit: "I have no idea of how many more days of this kind of torture, essentially, I can handle... but I'm gonna try."
- Does Anne have blisters? Or are those heels just too high for her to walk in?
- LOVE the YSL star necklace even more now.
- The sound of trembling trays was actually quite disturbing... but I think I would be too in her presence!
- Didn't those kids research Anne's typical daily diet? If they did, they'd know they've piled those trays way too high.
- Are these the fake offices we've been hearing about?

Aside from the paid position at Elle, also up for grabs is a paid lease on a Manhattan apartment for one year and $100,000 clothing allowance at H&M. Not bad, not bad at all...