naomicampbell_sculptures_nickknight.jpgShe is about to face charges of assaulting a police officer, but her popularity amongst the fashion industry only appears to growing.

In addition to a new campaign for YSL, a cameo role on Ugly Betty, and a birthday party thrown for her by D&G, Naomi Campbell is about to be immortalised in sculpture with the help of Nick Knight.

The controversial model posed for Knight, who is using three-dimensional scanners, to create a series of sculptures.

"Photography is changing completely, and one of the things that's doing this is 3-D scanning," Knight told The Independent.

"You get a 360-degree view of her, and because it's all digital, that data can be used to output real objects. You can lay one image over another and create sculptures that would never have been conceived if you were chipping away at marble."

One sculpture will depict Naomi straddling the barrel of a large tank, while another will be a "circle of three Naomis, like The Three Graces".

When asked whether we could expect the sculptures to be displayed, say at the entrance to Heathrow's new Terminal 5, Knight laughed... understandably.