kristinsatclondonpremierethoughts.jpgWe are just a mere hours away from the world première of Sex and the City: the movie - gah!

While we can barely contain ourselves here at Catwalk Queen, I thought I would share with you this interesting snippet from an interview with Kristin Davis, about the film's début in London, scheduled for tonight.

The Dish Rag caught up with Davis who, of course, plays SATC's Charlotte York, to get her thoughts on the film premièring in London and not New York, much to the surprise and dismay of many.

She said:

"Everyone is upset about it and I just don't understand why. You know, it's the first premiere, and you can say the world premiere, that is technically true. But it's the first of a few premieres and the biggest one will be here at Radio City Music Hall. So there was this whole thing like they're snubbing New York or something, and I was like no, no, no, no, no. It's saving the best for last. No offence to London. I mean, we've got a good little, like, a mini tour, because we are opening simultaneously.
You know how they used to open here and there and here and there in different times? Now we don't do that anymore. So, like, now you go around, like 'Iron Man' just did. They went to Berlin and they went to Rome, I think. We're doing a similar version of that, but London is the first one."

That might be one way of getting around the question, but just as the Guardian's Hadley Freeman asks, will the film be worth the wait?

While New Line sticks by its decision to show the film this way as a chance to maximise its "global appeal" (does it really need any more appeal?) others are questioning whether it is simply a way to test-screen it before it opens to the scrutiny of New Yorkers.

Either way it is no offence taken Kristin, us Londoners are more than happy to oblige!

  • Sex and the City: the movie premieres tonight at Odeon in Leicester Square. Get there early to catch a glimpse at your favourite stars! Click here to win tickets to the movie's after-party.