katemossfrayeddress.jpgDid you know that Kate Moss reinvented the frock?

Neither did I.

If anything she could easily be credited with reviving our obsession for wearing skinny jeans, scarves, boots and biker jackets... like all the time.

Nevertheless, the Moss-mite recently spoke to the Guardian about her 'thrown-together look' - you know the one that we are forever trying to copy.

"'[I] didn't really aspire to look like anyone else [when I was younger]. I shopped for myself, mostly at jumble sales and Oxfam," she starts off by saying.

During her early modelling days, throughout mid-nineties, when a Storm model scout spotted her, Moss adds: "Everyone wore jeans and a boot".

So nothing has really changed that much then?

When asked whether it is annoying that women want to copy her, Moss replies: "Not really... It's flattering! I think it's because I don't follow a trend. I just have a thrown-together look."

It is little wonder that the Guardian came to this conclusion after Moss's Topshop range hit shelves last year, featuring an abundance of High Street dresses, including many vintage styles. However that famous incident when she ripped her designer dress at the V&A Golden Age of Couture exhibition last September and fashioned into a mini dress, hardly makes her a pioneer for an emerging frock trend.

Having said that, after spying the model this week in a short frayed dress and wayfarers (above, left) my prediction is that we'll soon be seeing a few cut-off dresses down the local High Street.

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