I have been waiting for one of the big fashion publications to fully address what many fashion fans have known for a while that the supermodel has returned... big time! WWD have led with a mother of an article today discussing the renewed appeal of some of our favourite '90s cover girls, thanks to some pretty massive ad campaigns of late - Claudia for Chanel and Salvatore Ferragamo, Linda for Prada, Naomi for YSL, Christy for Escada, and everyone for Louis Vuitton. They might have seemed done and dusted, but over a decade later they're still banking the big cheques.

"At the end of the Nineties, there was a [supermodel] overdose and people wanted to see actresses, but maybe the fact that actresses don't really have a real relationship with fashion is driving [their return]," said Didier Fernandez of DNA Models, who reps for Evangelista, Nadja Auermann and Amber Valletta.

Perhaps we really are just fed up of seeing actresses and songstresses trying to be models. After all, Eva Mendes's recent gig with Calvin Klein doesn't seem to fanning too much excitement. Fashion is a fickle game, of course. What comes full circle, often back pedals again before taking in a whole new direction.

The latest Chanel campaign will mark Karl Lagerfeld's third consecutive with Claudia Schiffer. So why, when he could have anyone he wants, does Karl keep going back?

"Time makes them sometimes even more interesting," he said. "I work with them because they are great and right even for this moment. They are still young women with nice faces and great personal, modern style. They are, and stay, irreplaceable."

'Irreplaceable' certainly seems like a fitting description for the supermodel of today. So this just leaves one lingering question, with Marc Jacobs vowing this week not to use celebs like Victoria Beckham anymore, could we soon be seeing Cindy Crawford or Elle Macpherson on his ad books? He did it for Vuitton...

talkbubblecommentime.jpgWe really want to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you like seeing the supermodels of the mid-nineties landing big ad campaigns? Or do you think they should be given to the new crop of modelling superstars? Tell us below.