hellokitty_154790.jpg I still maintain that Hello Kitty is for children, especially when you see Paris Hilton lugging around a giant stuffed version while wearing a velour tracksuit.

I must mention that I think Hello Kitty is for children because as a child I was gifted a lot of the merchandise and have since not understood it's appeal. But I have come around a little thanks to the current issue of French Vogue which shows the likes of John Galliano and Carine Roitfeld embracing the cute cat - though that doesn't mean I'll get my own stuffed toy.

It does mean however, that's ok to own a few Hello Kitty items - just don't go to the extremes like Paris.

So with my two cents worth out of the way, how about embracing the Sanrio cat with this Hello Kitty Exploded Tee from Delias. It's only $24.50 and if you buy another tee (or another one of these) you get $10 off. Not a bad deal at all for a relatively versatile printed tee.