eva_ secret obsession.jpgIs Eva Mendes allergic to clothing? Here she is again getting nekkid... this time for Calvin Klein's newest fragrance 'Secret Obsession'.

The recently-rehabbed actress has set tongues wagging yet again with her flesh-baring campaign, which is already sounding alarm bells for network censors in America due to its provocative nature.

Shot by Steven Meisel, the television commercial has been banned Stateside, causing Coty Prestige (the fragrance license holder) to vow to fight the decision.
"Every time we do TV [with the Calvin brand] it comes back with some sort of push-back from the networks - but nothing like this. This time," said Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of Coty. "We're going to fight."

So what is it about the ad that has got censors all hot under the collar? Well according to WWD, it's a mixture of what Mendes says and doesn't say, combined with steamy music and lots of skin.

"The Obsession brand resonates in a very provocative place," she added. "And we wanted to do a provocative ad. But we're not trying to be raunchy. There's a lot of skin, but it's done tastefully."

This is the latest sexy turn for Mendes, who was recently snapped topless and toe-sucking (yep, you read right) for Italian Vogue, as well as appearing sans attire for the last issue of Jane magazine.

With this the first of two ad deals that she has inked for Calvin Klein, the mind boggles at what she'll do for CK's next underwear campaign...