A bit of celebrity endorsement can do wonders for a brand, and Ed Hardy definitely has the monopoly on that. Everyone from Madonna to Mick Jagger have been snapped in the brand's tattoo printed casualwear. Think of the range as the Von Dutch / Juicy alternative for the Kitson generation...it's not so much a label as a lifestyle, with its own energy drink, water, cologne, air fresheners and God knows what else. In fact, CEO Christian Audigier head designer and CEO of Von Dutch for 3 years, so he knows the power of promotion...

With Ed Hardy it's all about brand awareness, and the name is splashed across every tattoo'd item. The latest spin-off to get the thumbs up from the gossip mag regulars is the swimwear, which in the last couple of months has been spotted on Christina Milian, Heidi 'The Hills' Montag, Roselyn Sanchez, Tori Spelling and, most recently, Britney Spears. Brit is a bit of a brand ambassador for Ed Hardy at the moment, always being snapped in the store or out and about in items from the range. She even treated her not-so-little sis to a custom dress and handbag as a baby shower gift.

Is that star power enough to make you invest in a $152 bikini? I'm going to stick my neck out here and say no. I think this is one range that loses a little in translation. Laid-back California casual usually looks stupid in grim old Blightly!