onitsuka tiger press day ice bar absolut.jpg
One of the fun things about this job is that we get the opportunity to try out new experiences so when we were offered a drink in the Absolut IceBar after the Onitsuka Tiger Press Day we jumped at the chance.
As we adjusted to our fetching thermal capes a deadpan Russian (pictured carefully balancing a bottle of vodka on his arm) expertly poured our very strong cocktails into glasses made of ice before passing them to our be-mittened hands. I love nothing more than a good whinge and I tell you it was really freezing in there, but we had fun shivering on faux fur seats and looking at all the sculptures. They shine coloured lights through the ice which really adds to the atmosphere, for pictures of the Onitsuka Tiger press day head to Brandish and Shoewawa.

[Image: Absolut IceBar London]