betty_jackson_judicialrobes.jpgEarlier this month, we blogged about the modernising of new judicial robes, designed by Betty Jackson, that will soon be hitting our courtrooms.

At the time of the unveiling, Jackson's designs had been likened in the press to something out of Star Trek, due to its colour-code banding. A little humour, if you will.

Well, apparently not. According to Jackson, she has been on the receiving end of hate mail over her robes, which were recently modelled on the Lord Chief Justice himself. Yes, really...

In this week's Stella magazine, Jackson confesses to the public outcry over her decision to get involved with updating the civil judiciary gowns.

"Oh, God, I've had hate emails about this," she said. '"[Things such as] how dare you presume... I expect because you do T-shirts for Dawn French everyone will look like Demis Roussos now."'

She then faced even further resistance from the judges themselves.

"Some of them were very anti. Some of those boys really like a bit of dressing up, I'm afraid," she added. "Half of them hadn't heard of me and didn't know what the hell I was doing but luckily by the second meeting I'd got the gong at the Birthday Honours. So everybody had read about that and suddenly they were all able to talk to me."

And the results?

"They were absolutely thrilled. We've done it in beautiful silk and wool grosgrain and everyone's in midnight blue."

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