As part of our Behind The Scenes feature, you guys suggested we show off what we've been buying and wearing each week. We used to do this quite a lot, but over recent months we been too scared busy to snap our ensembles. This weekend, that all changed. To kick off this feature, I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing me doing my best Anna Wintour impression at Isabelle's 'Heroes' themed housewarming party. Let it never be said that I'm against embarrassing myself...

Well, who else would be my hero except the doyenne of 'la mode'? I think I look more like a chubby Katie Holmes than La Wintour, but it was good fun looking stroppy the entire evening, and I love the wig!

I would have donned a Chanel suit, of course, but it was boiling hot and I couldn't bear anything with sleeves. Instead, I turned to good old Dorothy Perkins and their £40 tulip dress (Wintour wears a lot of light colours, so this was my homage to that). It's not available on the website at the moment but I got it last week at a London store. The print is a much nicer in the flesh and looks perfect with pearls. Just remember the fake tan if you're as pale as me - white on white is quite unforgiving!