I can honestly tell you I have been counting down the days until the Alice McCall for Topshop collection landed in store. As one of my all-time favourite designers, I may or may not have had a quiet fist-in-the-air moment and a bit of a dance around my desk upon learning the Australian designer's gorgeous frocks would be available on this side of the world (and at a lower price point)! So after a few delays (the initial date given was May 12), the collection was finally made available in store and online yesterday. And I, in turn, made a mad dash to Oxford Street to give all the pieces a try...

The three pieces above are my favourites - from left to right: What Goes Round dress, £55; Crochet Modette cami; and the Annie Gun dress, £55 - but prices for the skirts begin at £35.

Unfortunately, there were only sizes 8-12 available so without my size in store, I left empty-handed and pretty darn disappointed. (By the way, if anyone managed to nab a size 6 - did she even do a size 6? - What Goes Round dress and have since changed your mind, please let me know!) From what I've seen online, there is even less available today, so if you haven't already, better jump to it quick smart!

UPDATE: Our friends at Topshop tell us they've replenished some of the stock online this afternoon, so hurry dear readers if you don't want to miss out!

What do you think of the collection and have you bought anything from it? Let us know!