roland mouret design icon.jpgYesterday saw the first in a series of Harrods' Design Icons lectures in conjunction with the Design Museum which kicked off with Matteo Alessi, Roland Mouret, former Editorial Director of icon magazine Aidan Walker, and Deyan Sudji, Director of the Design Museum in London debating What Makes a Design Icon?

Roland Mouret had some interesting things to say on the nature of icons. Relating it back to religious imagery he said that something like the Holy Grail symbolises many different things but the actual physical object is unimportant.
Mouret says he makes dresses to allay women's fears about ageing and dying: "Your body is an icon to me, I create a shell for this body." Going on to mention his famous Galaxie dress he says: "The Galaxie is no more no less the female form".

If you're interested in hearing more a video of the talk will be online this evening at the Design Icons website.