Whether you're an arty sort or not, come summer you could very well find yourself standing inside an art gallery. Ooh spooky - how do I know this?

Well, when you hear Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf are hitting London town, with an exhibition showcasing the most famous pieces from their haute couture collections, all becomes rather clear...

Famed for designs which are often a little left-of-centre - but always extremely eye-catching - the exhibition will illustrate the journey the design duo have taken together through their career, since meeting at fashion school in the early 90s.

According to , pieces from collections such as Atomic Bomb (1998-99), Russian Doll (1999-2000) and Launch (1996) will be displayed in a specially commissioned installation entitled The House of Viktor & Rolf.

The exhibition runs from June 18 to September 21 at the Barbican Art Gallery. You can find out more information by visiting

[Image: Getty]