karl lagerfeld.JPGAt Shiny Towers we have first hand experience that fashion isn't always as glamourous as it's supposed to be, but Victoria Herbert in the Independent on Sunday surpassed herself by running through some of the worst/most bizarre jobs in fashion -including a story about delivering a 2B pencil to the Count himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

From dress namer to ipod nanny all the excesses of the fashion industry come to surface in these strange occupations but the strangest one has to be the 'Woman's Eye'. Responsible for 'advising the artiste on the specific type of sexiness women best respond to' being a woman is not necessary part of the job! See after the jump to find out what the Shiny Fashion team's weirdest/toughest experiences have been.


On Kim's first day at an internship she was asked to phone Reece Witherspoon's publicist to arrange an interview...Eek!

Gemma has had her fair share of intern experiences including cleaning out a fashion cupboard for a salewhich took almost 2 weeks but this one is my favourite: "had to get coffee from Pret for about 15 staff members. Then had to go to Starbucks for the one who wanted soy milk".

I didn't have that many bad experiences, on one internship I got to sit in the Editor's kitchen while he made us all pasta for lunch which was very nice and cycling round New York on my bosses bike was pretty fun. Having said that staying up till 5am sewing tags on t-shirts was a pretty harrowing experience but at least I got paid for it. Bag Lady Kelly also didn't have that many bad internship experiences but toiled from 5pm to 4am on a national news website for a year.