It seems that the marketing folks over at New Line Cinemas weren't kidding when they mentioned London as a potential location to host the world première of the Sex and the City movie. Now that Cannes is no longer, London is reportedly shaping up to be quite a solid contender for the job, much to the dismay of many a New Yorker.

Not only is the British capital looking like an ideal spot to hold the glamorous event, new reports suggest that the SATC movie will actually première during the opening week of Cannes Film Festival, making it a nightmare for designers who were banking on seeing their gowns traipse the Cannes red carpet on the backs of Carrie and co.

"It's really painful that the 'Sex' girls won't be on the red carpet at Cannes. Every designer was hoping to get a gown on that carpet and many actresses already had their dresses lined up, just in case," a fashion insider told The LA Times' Elizabeth Snead.

But for many of us still confused over why London has scored the privilege over Cannes, one WB insider told Snead: "One word: recession." With a weakened US dollar, American movie studios are re-evaluating what a red carpet do will cost in London as oppose to a lavish Euro event in France.

While us Londoners quietly consider the excitement and buzz that would surround the film kicking off in London (SJP - let me know if you need a tour guide!) I can't help but ask again... why not New York?

In the meantime, check out this latest TV ad spot for the new film currently airing in the US. It features hysterical unseen footage of the girls discussing their love of 'colouring'. Love it!

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